25 April 2013

10. Oktober 2012

Dear Friends,                                              

very many greetings, huge kisses and a big thank you to you all.

You've given me a wonderful summer 2012. I had to do more than I could really create alone.

I am very thankful to the various publishers of Guide books. I am mention in the German Naxos guidebooks of the publisher Michael Müller and Dumont, I'm in the English Lonely Planet, which also has a German and a French edition, which have the same content then the original, and - who knows how? - I am in a French and an Italian Router too. The latter two have filled my cafe particularly.
These compatriots often eat only a little sweet breakfast. This is served quickly and easily - jams and butter are already portioned in the morning. Larger orders, including omelets, or even yogurt with fruit can do me easily embarrassed.

But I am also very grateful of my distributors this year:
There is:
Enallaktiki for fruits, vegetables and goat products.
Green Bay for dairy, Vivani chocolate and gluten-free products and
Bio Ygeia for all dry goods.
They all worked perfectly reliable. They have called me, if I have forgotten my order, or if something was missing, and have informed me about their vacation in mid-August correctly with last and first day of order.
After Feel Green, the unreliable wholesaler from the past two years, in the spring had to close completely, I had consistently no supply bottlenecks.

And we had this year no ship-strikes, which always immediately cleared up the island of tourists and delivery problems resulted.

I did not dare hire someone because the early season (April, May and June) were run more worse than in the past two years. I don't wanted to risk to ask to someone to give him a job and afterwards I can not pay him.

Mostly I did my job well. I had only friendly, nice and polite guests. Often they were coming one table after the next. I had just served a table, was coming the next couple. So I could do the work as well. In the kitchen, stacked the plates, but mostly I found time to rinse them before I closed 2 o´clock.

At midday, I allowed myself a break, and went with Panagiotis and Romeo, our dog, to the beach or in the cool house.

When I came back at 6 o´clock in the evening to the store, I quickly tried to cook my "Dish of the Day '. Often it was not possible, because customers already were coming in the store or into the café.
This year was the motto: I will do the business in that way I can do it alone, which I can do, I do and what I can not do, I don't do. Now I am tired and exhausted, but happy.

We are all here on Naxos happy that summer has not stopped in September and now still goes on in October. Especially Germans, of which we have seen throughout the year only a few, had come in the fall to take even a bit of sun, after an unpleasant northern European summer. 

Many thanks to you friends !!!!

*** 17 September ***