25 April 2013

For the year 2013 I have big plans: 

For the morning I wished someone to wash the dishes, for the evening I wished an "Organic cook" and a "Good cake baker" for the afternoon.

And what a miracle: Everyone is found!

Andreas will be my washing power and is as flexible as he is working only for an hour at the morning.
Annemarie will be my "good cake baker" and my "Organic cook" for July and August.
Brigitte will be for the same period my serving staff.

Annemarie will have a big job:
She has to create new dishes, as fully satisfying, especially for vegetarian (with proteins from beans, peas or lentils) to find a usable name for the new dishes, to prepare everything in front, and in the end it pretty to bring to the table.

Because I dont need to cook myself, this will give me the opportunity to take care of my shop in the afternoon.
Before and after the high season I need to do the job alone.

Now I am in a good mood for the this season.

A warm welcome to you all !!! 

*** 17 September ***