A house pig breed of little black pigs was maintained throughout the Mediterranean region. Today, everyone knows the Iberian pigs from which they make the Jamón Ibérico. But even in Greece these little black pigs are known. Odysseus has already eaten them. Here, the pigs were traditionally held in olive groves. Between the olive trees were also holm oaks, with especially large acorns. So the pigs could eat the unripe olives and acorns and fertilized the trees.

Our pigs are fed on acorns, but even more with the fruits of the carob tree, wild olives and the date fruits of the ornamental palm Phoenix dactylifera and with plenty of green feed.

The meat of our pork is almost as dark as beef, lean, nutty and spicy and tender. Cutlets and goulash we sale for 10, - € per kilo.
In the
gardencafé you will be able to enjoy the meat also.

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