28 April 2011

In September 2009 I opened my business with organic food in the Naxos Chora. At that time I missed the summer season. My really first season in 2010 was unfortunately not very successful due to not placing my advertising properly. And of course, the new Greek financial crisis was very disabling. The austerity measures of the government was followed by many strikes, after that the tourists chose other holiday destinations. The last thing I will add the bad delivery by my wholesaler.

This year is about to change everything:
  • The garden and the Pergola are ready, and also the last sofa. It has become very comfortable in the Cafe!
  • Beside the door of the shop is a beautiful new vegetable shelf with his own roof to have more shade.
  • My old wholesaler has a beautiful new catalog. And I have found other more reliable suppliers.
  • I have changed my advertising strategy:
      • have a new logo,
      • And a new name for the business:
      • I have improved my marketing.
      • I will do ads in several prints like Paros-Life and the Cinema-magazine.
      • I will bring my nice, new flayers with the beautiful new outfit in the travel agencies and hotels more regularly and distribute.
  • I started my own farm since October 2010.
      • There I will grow my own vegetables.
      • I will offer daily fresh vegetables from my own garden.
      • This will make me more independent of the irregular supply of Athens.
      • Even more important I am keeping my own chickens to produce organic eggs.

*** 17 September ***